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Dr Mario Evon Guthrie & 'Medicine with M.E.'

No stranger to executing many creative projects, this time around I am combining my creativity with my medical knowledge. Welcome to my new YouTube series, 'Medicine with M.E.', where I discuss medical topics in a simple way. Since this series was started during a COVID virus pandemic, which we are still in, the initial episodes focus mainly on COVID-19 and the wealth of information surrounding it. Stay tuned as I traverse many other medical spaces, shedding light on a world that many often see as complex.

Where can I find 'Medicine with M.E.'?

My new series can be found at Once you get there, please watch the videos to the end, like and comment on them, and of course subscribe and share with some friends. The support is truly appreciated.

At the end of it all it is so important that we understand our health and things surrounding it, so that we can take the best care of ourselves. I look forward to seeing you on this quirky, but informative medical journey, and hope it will enrich your minds, so that you can enrich your health.

Blessings and guidance,

Dr. M.G.

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